5 keys on offense this season

New Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb may suffer some growing pains this season. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

1. Give the new quarterback some time and space: The offensive line has to perform smoothly, and the backs and tight ends have to pick up blitzes, for the Kevin Kolb era to progress.

2. Get the ball to DeSean Jackson as quickly and as often as possible: Duh. No. 10 is the Eagles’ biggest star now, their game-changing talent.

3. Avoid turnovers: This is a cliché, but with a young quarterback and a young running back who has been known to fumble, it really is relevant. Don’t try to do too much, take the loss or the sack, keep the ball.

4. Develop Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek into stars: Defenses are going to key on Jackson, and despite the importance of point No. 2, this also has to happen to keep the offense steady. If Maclin and Celek are productive enough, point No. 2 gets easier.

5. Kolb has to be the guy Andy Reid thought he was when he drafted him in 2007: Growing pains, sure, those can be endured, but the talent and potential have to show through.


Also, astute readers might have noticed the wideouts missing in today's position by position analysis. There is a very good reason for this: your Eagletarian is a senile doofus. After covering the wideouts in the 5 keys, he forgot to put them in the position by position.  Most of what I would have said is in the 5 keys. I would only add that Jason Avant is money as a slot receiver, and if Riley Cooper can get on the field, I think he's a pretty promising red zone target.

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