Mayock's Look At The Draft: 3-4 and 4-3 DEs

Washington's Keith Price is brought down by Utah's Star Lotulelei on a quarterback keeper in the second half of NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012, in Seattle. Washington won 34-15. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is breaking down each of the positions in the draft for the Daily News. Today, he looks at the 4-3 and 3-4 defensive ends:



Star Lotulelei, Utah (6-3, 311)

40-time: 5.18

225-bench: NA

Arms: 33 5/8 inches

Round Projection: 1

Mayock: "He can play nose. I don’t think he’s a three-technique. He could play it, but his best positions are either the nose or the 5-technique in a 3-4.

"He could be a difference-maker. He’s a guy with length and explosion. I’d prefer to see him used a little bit like J.J. Watt in Houston, where they move him and take advantage of his quickness and size and ability to disrupt as opposed to just sitting in a 3-4 and two-gapping.

"I’m not saying he’s J.J. Watt. But I think he can be a pass-rush presence. He’s stout against the run. He has some positional versatility, because I guarantee you, a team like the Eagles, once they get in their sub-packages, they’ll be moving guys around in a four-man front. You could kick him inside (on passing downs) and have him play tackle.

"From a talent perspective, he’s a top-10 to 12 pick. I think he really fits a nose or 5 for a 3-4. Teams don’t seem too concerned about the heart scare. Seems like it was an aberration or a virus during the combine."


Datone Jones, UCLA (6-4, 283)

40-time: 4.75

225-bench: 29

Arms: 32 3/4 inches

Round Projection: 1-2

Mayock: "This kid can play. I think his best position is the five-technique (defensive end in a 3-4). But a little like Lotulelei, you can move him around. UCLA did. They put him on the nose in their sub-packages. Stood him up. Did all kinds of things with the kid. He had a very explosive week at the Senior Bowl. He moved from being a third- or fourth-round guy to being in the conversation at the end of the first round."


Kapron Louis-Moore, Notre Dame (6-4, 306)

40-time: NA

225-bench: NA

Arms: NA

Round Projection: FA

Mayock: "He’s coming off his second major knee injury in the last three years. Tore his ACL in the BCS Championship Game against Alabama. Because of that, he won’t be drafted. He played the 5 (technique) at Notre Dame, and had he not gotten hurt again, he would’ve been a fourth-round pick. I think somebody’s going to get a free agent bargain that’s going to pay off about two years down the road."



Ziggy Ansah, Brigham Young (6-5, 271)

40-time: 4.56

225-bench: 21

Arms: 35 1/8 inches

Round Projection: 1

Mayock: "This kid has a frightening upside. I was watching the Senior Bowl tape again the other night. He was average during the week because he’s not really sure what he’s doing when he’s doing one-on-one drills with technique and hand-placement and all of those things.

"But in the game, he was just dominant because he just let it loose and ran around. And nobody could block him. He’s played like a year-and-a-half of football and is as raw as can be. Way more raw than Jason Pierre-Paul when he came out.

"I’d feel more comfortable with him in the second half of the first round. But he’s just so athletic and could be such a disruption down the road that if goes in the top 5 or top 10, it wouldn’t surprise me."


Cornelius Washington, Georgia (6-4, 264)

40-time: 4.53

225-bench: 36

Arms: 34 inches

Round Projection: 3

Mayock: "They used him a bunch of different ways at Georgia, which I think limited his productivity. A lot of teams have him as an inside linebacker. He can’t do that.

"But when he puts his hand in the dirt and goes forward, he’s an explosive edge player. I don’t think he’s a three-down guy right now. But he’s going to be a pass-rush specialist, and I don’t think he’s going to get out of the third round."


Mike Catapano, Princeton (6-4, 271)

40-time: 4.75

225-bench: 33

Arms: NA

Round Projection: 7-FA

Mayock: "I saw him at the East-West game and loved his toughness and work ethic. He cares. He grinds. He’s got some size and length to him. I think he’s going to make a team or practice squad and have a chance to develop."