Mayock's Look At The Draft: Interior Line

Alabama offensive lineman Chance Warmack runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013. (Dave Martin/AP)

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is breaking down each of the positions in the draft for the Daily News. Today: the interior linemen:





Chance Warmack



6-2, 317

40-time: 5.49

225-bench: NA

Arms: 34 ¾ inches

Round Projection: 1




Jonathan Cooper

North Carolina


6-2, 311

40-time: 5.06

225-bench: 35

Arms: 33 inches

Round Projection: 1

Mayock: ``If you asked me to list the 10 best football players in the country, both of them would be in the top 10. They don’t play a `position of value,’ but they’re both really good.

``Warmack is a road-grader inside in the run game. He’s got really long arms. He understands pass-protection. I think in two years he’s an All-Pro interior player.

``Cooper’s got great, great feet. When you watch him pull on a screen or pull out to the second level, it’s scary. As long as he keeps his weight under control, he’s an All-Pro guard. His feet are phenominal. His ability to adjust in space at 300-plus pounds is pretty cool.

``They both can play in either scheme. But Warmack probably would appeal more to the man teams, and Cooper would appeal more to the zone teams.’’



Brian Schwenke



6-3, 314

40-time: 4.94

225-bench: 31

Arms: 32 inches

Round Projection: 2-3




Kyle Long



6-4, 313

40-time: 4.91

225-bench: NA

Arms: 33 3/8 inches

Round Projection: 2

Mayock: ``I love Schwenke on tape. People said he was going to be a little light in the butt and not be able to anchor. But at the Senior Bowl, he had a great week. He’s smart. He’s tough. He’s quick. This kid, to me, is going to end up in the second or third round. He starts day one on a zone team.

``Long, day one, he can start as a guard because of his toughness, athletic ability and aggressiveness. You’re going to have to live with some issues because he’s a converted baseball player. Some technique issues until he learns them.

``But once he learns them, he might even become a tackle because he’s got great ability. Teams are getting over the off-the-field issues with him. The kid’s built up some equity over the last 2-3 years where he’s been good. And once teams meet the kid, they really like him. He’s been rising steadily.’’



Jeff Bacca



6-4, 302

40-time: 4.98

225-bench: NA

Arms: 34 ½ inches

Round Projection: 5

Mayock: ``He’s played four of the five positions on the line. He can play guard or center. In today’s NFL, where on game day, most teams only have seven active linemen, he becomes a very valuable commodity. He’s played everywhere but left tackle. I look at him as a very valuable fifth-round pick that’s going to play a lot of years in the league because of his versatility.’’