DeSean to IR as Eagles' Spiral Continues

The Eagles' unfolding disaster got a little worse Tuesday when Andy Reid announced wide receiver DeSean Jackson suffered multiple fractures of his ribs and upper chest in Monday night's loss to Carolina.

Reid said Jackson will go on injured reserve, ending his season. he also indicated concussion victims Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy are unlikely to play this weekend at Dallas.

Reid, who does not seem in danger of being replaced during the season, answered a series of questions about his defense's ineptitude. He didn't have any answers.

Reid said the Birds' best defensive lineman, rookie DT Fletcher Cox, is unlikely to practice Wednesday with a tailbone contusion. He said LT King Dunlap has an MCL strain and also is unlikely to practice. Ditto C Dallas Reynolds (ankle).


If Mike Vick is declared healthy, who should be the Eagles’ starter?

Reid said Vick will again attempt to pass neurological testing Wednesday, after not achieiving a satisfactory result on Monday.

Reid officially closed the books on LT Jason Peters' season -- Peters, who underwent Achilles' surgery twice in the offseason, had to join the active roster this week or go on IR. Reid said he will go on IR.

"Big plays, turnovers, and then the late penalties culminated in our inability to win that football game," Reid said. "My responsibility is to get this team to play better, and we have not done that. to this point. We will continue to work to get better. That's the only thing you can do at this point."

Reid indicated that one one of the two Carolina touchdowns on which a receiver was left uncovered, the Birds were in a blitz that called for one corner to rush the passer. Instead, two DBs blitzed -- rookie Brandon Boykin was the offender, Reid confirmed when asked.

Indicative of this team's problems, Boykin told the Daily News' Marcus Hayes after the game that he WAS supposed to blitz, and that Nate Allen rotated to the wrong side. Reid said Allen went to the right side.

Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles after the game said the Eagles were unable to execute high school level coverages. Asked Monday if the defenders just weren't smart enough, Reid said he did not believe that was the case.