Westbrook: Pay McCoy

Brian Westbrook (right) turned to Twitter to weigh on LeSean McCoy's contract situation. (Clem Murray/Staff file photo)

The relationship between former Eagles star running back Brian Westbrook and current Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy has been well-documented. So has McCoy's contract situation.

He has one year remaining on the rookie contract he signed after he was drafted in 2009 and is coming off a Pro Bowl season with 20 total TDs.

Virtually everyone around the situation is hopeful that an extension can get done, but the questions are how much is McCoy looking for and the speed at which a resolution can come. What if McCoy feels he deserves an Adrian Peterson contract (7 years/$100 million, $36 million guaranteed) and the Eagles feel he deserves one closer to Arian Foster (5 years /$43.5M, $20.7M guaranteed) or Marshawn Lynch (4 years/$31M, $18M guaranteed)?

Westbrook took to Twitter today to gauge the fans' views on McCoy's contract situation, and add his own.

"So basically everyone feels that he should get paid??," he tweeted. 

That was followed by Westbrook's opinion, including the hashtag payMccoy.

"Like Arian Foster? I think he is definitely if not the best, at least the second best back in the league right now and deserves it #payMccoy"

"The only leverage players have in this situation is to hold out! Unfortunately its still not a lot of leverage!! #payMccoy"

"Players dont want to have to worry about their contracts during the season which is why the off season is the time to get it done"

So, how soon could this happen, if it does?

"We like LeSean and we think he's good for our organization, both on the field and off of it," coach Andy Reid said at the NFL owners meetings. "And so, we'll work something out there as we go. But listen, these things take a little bit of time. That's how it works. But it'll work out. "