Jenkins 'Not a Mean Person'

The Eagles' Cullen Jenkins celebrates after a big hit on the Giants' Danny Ware. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Cullen Jenkins acknowledged today that he has watched the tape a few times since Sunday night, the play where defensive tackle Jenkins is trying to rush Eli Manning, is blocked, ends up behind Manning. He watches Manning complete a pass over the middle to running back Danny Ware, and flies 20 yards to blast Ware from the blindside, leaving Ware concussed.

"I kind of went over to check a little bit, make sure he was all right," Jenkins said as the Eagles began preparing for Sunday's visit from the New England Patriots. "I'm not a mean person."

Jenkins, who won a Super Bowl last season with the Packers, might not be a mean person, but he did exemplify the sense of urgency that finally, belatedly arrived Sunday, allowing the Birds to upset the Giants.

"Playing hard," Jenkins said. "You know, (defensive line coach Jim Washburn) always talks to us, and we kind of take pride in runnin' to the ball, playing to the whistle. When he caught the pass, you start running because you never know what could happen, especially toward the end of the half, any play could turn into something more."

The most unusual aspect of the play was that Ware never saw Jenkins' charge, never sensed danger.

"It looked like he was making a move on one of the safeties, rigth when I came. It's one of those things where he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Jenkins said.

The Eagles' defensive line might have played its most dominant game of the season against the Giants. Trent Cole tried to explain the added edge the Birds brought, as they clawed their way to 4-6.

"When your backs are to the wall, and you know you ain't got nothin' left ... you're sitting there and you've got to come up with one more answer before you get pushed over the edge, you're going to go out there and play," Cole said. "You're sitting there on the side of a cliff, and your toes are halfway off ... We're not going to give this chance up. We know what kind of team we've got, we know what we can do."

Defensive end Daryl Tapp said what Jenkins did on that play is "easy to say, hard to do" in the exhausting hurly burly of an NFL trench war. "That's a huge effort, especially for someone Cullen's size, being, what, 320? (Jenkins is listed at 305, but listed weights are often fanciful) Get down there and make a huge play. That's what we're supposed to do."