Lesson for Birds? Hard to Find

Usually I watch the Super Bowl with an eye toward what the Eagles might learn from the winner.

This year's verdict: Not much. In fact, after Packers coach Mike McCarthy left Aaron Rodgers back there to try to win the game by himself, without a running game or sure handed receivers, I was kinda hoping Andy Reid wasn't watching. The man needs little encouragement in this area.

I think the Packers' game plan only works if you have Aaron Rodgers. The Steelers defenders seemed stunned afterward. They made the Pack one-dimensional. They forced Rodgers into third and long. But as Troy Polamalu noted, they didn't force any turnovers, and Rodgers beat them, along with the three turnovers the Steelers committed, which led to 21 Green Bay points.

In some quarters, much will be made of the fact that the Eagles came closer to beating the Pack in the postseason than anyone else did. They lost by five in the divisional round and missed two makeable field goals.

That's OK up to a point. The Eagles did indeed lose to the league's best team, and not by a lot. But Green Bay was definitely the better team that day and every other day in the postseason. And the Packers aren't going anywhere. They will stand squarely in the path to the Super Bowl for any NFC contender, for years to come, Rodgers is just getting started.