Polamalu Likes Horton, Perry for Birds

(Mark Humphrey / AP Photo)

The NFL's defensive player of the year is well-acquainted with Ray Horton and Darren Perry, two possible candidates for the Eagles' defensive coordinator position. Steelers safety Troy Polamalu said he thinks either man would be a fine choice.

First, Polamalu on Horton, his current secondary coach: "first of all, he's got the toughest job on this team, coaching the secondary," Polamalu said. "The reason I say that is, we're always a run-stop defense first. There's always a lot of pressure for the secondary to tackle, but our responsibility is not to get beat deep. That's a lot of pressure for the players and the secondary coach. He's been here a long time and he's handled that. He has an in-depth understanding of the defense coach (Dick) LeBeau teaches, and he has an in-depth understanding of what the offense is doing, personnel groups, percentages."

Perry was Polamalu's secondary coach his first four years. Now he coaches safeties for the Packers. "He's like a father to me," Polamalu said. "he taught me so much. We've been through a whole lot, because my rookie year wasn't very good. I had to lean on him a lot, emotionally as well as learning the defense. I don't know much about this game, but I would think Darren Perry and Ray Horton would be great candidates for defensive coordinator jobs."


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