Packers Iced Out of Field

Yeah, this is still the Eagletarian blog, but your Eagletarian is in Dallas following the Packers around, trying to figure out from a distance if there are any NFL secondary coaches the Eagles DON'T plan to talk to about their d-coordinator opening.

Dallas highways remain Krispy Kreme glazed this morning; sidewalks could use a good Zamboniing. The Packers had been scheduled to work out at SMU all week, but that plan assumed an outdoor field would be usuable. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy acknowledged at his morning presser that this is not the case, and is not likely to be the case for the rest of the week.

McCarthy said his team will work indoors at Highland Park High. Media folk were abuzz -- an indoor high school facility? Will they be invading somebody's gym class during dodgeball week?

"High school in Texas is a little different," McCarthy explained; the indoor practice field is adequate for an NFL team. "It won't affect our practice structure."

stay tuned for more