YouTube video of buttocks-enhancement victim

A young woman who died of an illegal buttocks enhancement procedure this week at the airport Hampton Inn appears in a YouTube video with her friend in which they face-off and ask viewers to decide who is more beautiful.

Claudia Seye Aderotimi, 20, of England, died Tuesday after receiving an illegal injection of what she and her friends believed to be silicone in her buttocks from an unknown woman at the hotel, police said. An associate of the woman who did the injections has been questioned, but the woman remains unidentified.

In the YouTube video, titled "Beyonce vs Rihanna 2011" still photographs of Aderotimi, who goes by the name Carmella London, are juxtaposed with stills of her friend, who goes by the name Roshay London. In some photos, the women pose with their rear ends or breasts toward the camera.

The video states both women are 20 years old, live in London and are singers and dancers.  At the end, viewers are asked "Who is the winner?? U decide!!!"

Here is a link to the video and here's one to Aderotimi's Twitter account. Her last tweet read "I'm goooonneeeeee so faR away."