Wynnefield man charged with beating mom, 87

Agee Stanton was quietly munching on some cookies when the police marched into his mother’s Wynnefield home on Sunday.

His appetite hadn’t been affected by the severe beating he had just inflicted on his 87-year-old mother, cops said.

Stanton’s mother, Susan, wasn’t eating any cookies. 

She was suffering from a broken nose, and an awful gash on the side of her face that required 100 stitches to close — the price she paid for telling her son to stop smoking marijuana, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives. 

Walker said Stanton, 54, had punched his mother twice in the face inside their home on Arlington Street near 52nd about 4:30 p.m., after they argued over his drug use.

While it was unclear who called 9-1-1, Stanton made no attempt to flee.

He was charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. He was being held yesterday on $25,000 bail.

Susan Stanton was listed in stable condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Walker said.
“It’s a pretty bizarre incident,” he added.

“You have a son who is being provided shelter by his mother, and being told right from wrong at the age of 54, and he goes and brutally assaults a defenseless woman.”