Third body found at scene of bizarre fire and shooting

The body of a third person was discovered yesterday in the rubble of a Kensington rowhome where firefighters found one man shot in the head and were greeted by another man with a gun when they went to fight a blaze there Saturday.

Police already reported that the gunman who threw objects at them from the second-story landing of a staircase and another man, found lifeless at the bottom of the same staircase with bullet wounds to his head, were discovered dead in the rubble after the fire was put out Saturday afternoon.

The gunman, who refused to let rescuers pull the shot man out of the house, was himself shot by responding officers, police said. It's unclear if the men died from their gunshot wounds or from the fire, which police believe was intentionally set. Neither of their identities have been released, though police said the gunshot victim at the bottom of the stairs was staying at the house, on Rand Street near Ontario.

Yesterday, while conducting a more thorough search of the rubble, a third person, whose age and gender remain unknown, was found under the remnants of a front bedroom, police said.

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In other fire news, the fire marshall has labeled the cause of the five-alarm Windemere Court Apartment fire on Jan. 10 that left dozens of people homeless to be "undetermined."