Stolen Beer Week hammer returned

Now here's something to toast about - the Hammer of Glory, the physical symbol of Philly's Beer Week, was returned safely this afternoon after being stolen at a Beer Week event on Saturday.

The hammer, which went missing around 4 p.m. yesterday as it was being passed around for photo ops at the FestivALE in Fishtown, was returned to Frankford Hall today, according to Beer Week executive director Don Russell.

From the Hammer of Glory's Facebook page.

Shortly after it was turned over to Frankford Hall employees, Russell, a Daily News columnist who is also known as Joe Sixpack, received a phone call from the man who claimed to have turned in the hammer.

"I think it was some kid," Russell said. "(He) told me it was his dumb--- friend who stole it and threw it under I-95 and that's where he retrieved it from."

Russell said the hammer was in good condition.

"It's a hammer, so it'd be a little hard to do anything to it," he said.

Still, Russell spent much of the night worrying that someone could have thrown the beloved Hammer of Glory - which has its own Facebook page - in a Dumpster. He even filed a police report about the missing hammer.

"Beer drinkers are generally good people and don't mean any harm, but sometimes we get stupid," Russell said. "I'm not going to make excuses for him, what he did was wrong."

Russell said he's not sure if the caller or the caller's "friend" actually took it, all he cares about is that it's back in the right hands. However, he does believe the thief should have to pay for his poor decisiosn in a manner that fits the crime. 

"He should be condemned to a life of nothing but Coors Light," Russell said.