Stabbings shock Northern Liberties residents

Police are investigating the stabbings of two men by the same attacker on the edge of Northern Liberties on Monday night that left one man dead and another in critical condition.

The first victim, 56, was stabbed once in the chest at 7th and Brown streets. He staggered to a house on the corner, where he died at 5:56 p.m., police said.

Police said the man was homeless but did not release his name, pending notification of his family.

The second victim, a 31-year-old Temple Law School student, was found stabbed once or twice in the neck at 7th Street and Fairmount Avenue, police said.

He was listed in critical condition at Hahnemann University Hospital early Tuesday morning.

The attacker was described as a black man wearing a black cloth coat and a black knit cap. He remained on the loose last night.

Residents said they were shocked Monday when they saw a man lying in a pool of blood on their neighbor’s steps, in front of a house at Brown and 7th streets.

“I literally walked out of the house to meet a friend for dinner when I saw the body,” said Andrew Brader, 32, who lives two doors down from where the man died.

A blood trail that began in the street was a puddle on a stoop. A brown jacket and green gloves lay beside a “welcome” mat.

The stabbing was a hot-button topic at the 700 Club, at Fairmount and 2nd streets in Northern Liberties.

“I got a text saying, ‘Stay where you are,’” said a man who identified himself only as K. Bonk, 52, of Northern Liberties.

Bonk was outside smoking with friends and chatting about the stabbings.

The neighborhood was shaken by the news last night.

“It was gruesome,” said Patrick, 23, who was trying to get home, but his street was blocked off as police investigated. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Residents said they didn’t hear any commotion before the discovery. Several took photos of the bloody scene.

Brader had his camera in hand.

“I can’t believe they left it like that,” he said, adding that the owner of the house is away in the Air Force and would be in for an unsettling surprise.