Spring reminder: Fairmount Park rapist still on the loose

Members of the police Special Victims Unit will be handing out flyers tomorrow in Fairmount Park and Pennypack Park to remind the public that the infamous Fairmount Park rapist is still lurking out there, somewhere.

It's been seven years since the cold-blooded predator first entered the public's consciousness, when he raped a woman near Kelly Drive and Fountain Green Road. That same year, police said, the fiend raped and murdered 30-year-old medical student Rebecca Park in the woods in West Fairmount Park, and attempted to rape another woman near the Falls Bridge.


The attacker last struck in 2007, when investigators said he raped a woman in Pennypack Park, near Frankford Avenue and Solly Avenue.

The rapist has been described as a muscular hispanic man who speaks with an accent, and has scars on his upper left torso and arm. He's about 5-feet-8, with black hair, and has a thin mustache and jawline beard. Police said in two of the attacks, the victims observed that the rapist wore an earring in his left ear and used a purple, metallic 10-speed bike to flee the scene.

Anyone with information on the Fairmount Park rapist can contact police at 215-685-3251 or -3252.