Shamrock Bandit caught

Daniel P. Magee, the not-so-clever Center City bandit, was arrested by an off-duty SEPTA cop in Kensington today.

The FBI and SEPTA said in a joint statement Officer John Rodriguez spotted Magee, 31, near Front and Dauphin streets at about 12:50 p.m. Rodriguez chased Magee on foot and captured him at the York-Dauphin Station entrance of the Market-Frankford El.


Magee, 31, first popped up on the FBI's radar on Oct. 17, when he robbed a PNC Bank at 16th and Market. Surveillance cameras showed him robing another PNC Bank at 18th and Market on Monday. FBI investigators circulated his mugshot across the city, but Magee went ahead and robbed a Wachovia Bank -- sans a mask or disguise -- at 17th and Market on Thursday.

Magee -- who has a tattoo of a shamrock on his left shoulder (hence, 'Shamrock Bandit') and a Celtic cross on his right arm -- was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison for robbery in 2006. According to court records, he was given early release on parole in May 2007.