Seventh-grader shoots classmate with pellet gun

In the second incident of its kind in a little more than a week, a student in a Philadelphia school shot a classmate with a pellet gun Tuesday afternoon and was subsequently suspended from school and arrested.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard said a seventh-grader brought a plastic pellet gun to Henry A. Brown Academic Plus School, a K-8 at Sergeant and Jasper streets in Kensington. The young thug then proceeded to shoot a classmate in the back of the head around 11:30 a.m., officials said.

Another student in the class witnessed the incident, and the boy with the gun was immediately suspended and placed under arrest by Philadelphia Police, Gallard said. Like the fifth-grader who shot a classmate with a BB gun in North Philadelphia last Monday, Gallard said, the boy will likely be expelled.

The boy who was shot was sent to see the school nurse and was not injured, Gallard said.