Seder plate causes bomb scare at Germantown Jewish Centre

A suspicious package that led to the evacuation of the Germantown Jewish Centre this morning turned out to be a Seder plate apparently placed at a side entrance by someone who wanted to donate it.

Senior Rabbi Adam Zeff said the Centre’s maintenance director spotted the package leaning against the building outside a side entrance around 7 a.m. and decided to alert police.

About 25 people evacuated the building, including teachers and people participating in a Monday morning prayer service, Zeff said. The Centre’s daycare opened two hours late.

“We’ve occasionally had a suspicious object like that in past years, and it’s always turned out to be nothing, but we always want to be as careful as we can be,” Zeff said.

He said police and a small bomb squad quickly determined the package was harmless, and people were allowed back into the building at 9:30 a.m.