Police bust NE heroin ring


Narcotics cops busted a million-dollar Dominican heroin ring in Northeast Philadelphia earlier tonight.
The well-stocked stash house, on Alcott Street near Large in Oxford Circle, was supplying drug dealers across North Philadelphia, Kensington and Fairhill, said Narcotics Inspector Bob Snyder.
Police discovered the stash house after they started shadowing a heroin buyer at A Street and Somerset Tuesday night, Snyder said.
Investigators also tracked a woman making a heroin delivery near Willard and D streets that same night, and eventually connected the dots back to Alcott Street, Snyder said.
A tip led police to believe some 600 bundles of heroin were due to leave the stash house tonight for delivery, so they served a search warrant at about 5 p.m., said Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn.
Once inside, police found more 3,500 grams of heroin, two firearms and an extensive packaging operation that was up and running in the basement, Blackburn said.
Three men who were working inside the stash house were arrested on drug charges. Their names weren’t released last night.
Blackburn called the bust a “really significant confiscation.”