Police: Revolver accidentally discharges at airport terminal

A Philadelphia police officer accidentally discharged a revolver found in a flight attendant's handbag at Philadelphia International Airport early Sunday morning, police said.

Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said the flight attendant was stopped just before 7 a.m. while going through security at Terminal C when Transportation Security Administration agents spotted what appeared to be a gun in her purse. Upon a search, they found a revolver in the bag, Evers said.

Per protocol, police were called, Evers said, and when a responding officer was attempting to render the firearm safe, she accidentally fired it once. The bullet struck the floor, Evers said, and no one was injured.

Evers said the officer was placed on desk duty pending an investgation into the matter, and the flight attendant was issued a summary citation for bringing the gun to the airport. She had a valid permit to carry, Evers said, but cannot legally carry a gun on a plane.