Center City pickpocket-cyclist arrested

A man who allegedly rode his bicycle next to a woman, snatched her wallet and pedaled away on April 2 was arrested Saturday, police said.  

Erik Gomez, 26, of Point Breeze, rode his bike next to Hadas Kuznits, a KYW Newsradio reporter, who was riding her bike on Walnut Street near 8th. He reached into her pocket to grab her wallet and fled the scene, police said.

Erik Gomez
Erik Gomez, 26, of Point Breeze, was arrested Saturday on charges of theft, forgery and narcotics possession, among other offenses. (Philadelphia Police photo)

The woman chased the man on her bike, but lost him after he turned onto 9th Street, police said. Surveillance cameras inside a convenience store recorded him using the woman’s credit cards minutes after the incident, and police posted the footage online.

Cops were patrolling the area of 19th Street near Pine in Center City on Saturday when they recognized Gomez from the surveillance footage.

They stopped Gomez for questioning and took him into custody on charges of drug possession, theft, forgery and additional offenses. He’s being held in the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail, according to court documents.

Gomez, of 20th Street near Dickinson, will appear in court on April 26, according to court documents. His arrest record dates back to 2010, and includes charges for burglary, criminal trespassing and other offenses.