Philly man sacked for fake Super Bowl tickets

A local punk thought he could make a quick buck in the Big Apple. But like so many dreams that are dashed in the City that Never Sleeps, his was doomed to fail.

Eugene Fladger, 32, of Williams Avenue near Roumfort Road in East Mount Airy, was arrested yesterday by officersfrom the New York Police Department’s Organized Crime Investigation Division after he and an accomplice created and sold fake tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, an NYPD spokeswoman said today.

Fladger and his partner, Bronx resident Damon Daniels, sold 79 counterfeit tickets and parking passes to various events, including 36 tickets to Sunday’s big game, according to the NYPD.

The duo made approximately $10,000 before their arrest at a White Castle restaurant in Queens.

Fladger is charged with trademark counterfeiting and related offenses.