PSPCA investigates animal sacrifice in Olney

Pennsylvania SPCA workers had the unwelcome task today of sifting through the remains of five animals that apparently had been sacrificed, officials said.

A passerby found the beheaded animals -- a dog, cat and three chickens -- near a bike path on Bingham Street near Roosevelt Boulevard in Olney about 1 p.m., said George Bengal, the PSPCA’s director of investigations.

“It appears to be ritualistic sacrifice,” Bengal said.

“It looks like the act was done somewhere else, and the remains were left here in the park.”

PSPCA officials often see a rise in animals being sacrificed at this time of the year, he noted, because it coincides with “a lot of high holidays that different groups celebrate.”

But most sacrifices usually only involve goats and chickens. “This is a little over the top with the dogs and cats,” Bengal said. “The use of domestic animals is a bit bizarre.”

Criminal charges could be filed against the person or people who beheaded the cat and dog, he said.

Investigators were performing a necropsy on both animals last night to see if they had microchip implants, which are often used to identify pets.

“If they have [microchips], we should be able to trace it back to the owner,” Bengal said.

Tipsters can contact the PSPCA at 215-426-6300.