New partnership increases access to Philly crime data

Say you're sitting around, wondering how many arsons and aggravated assaults happened in your neighborhood ... wait, you don't do that? Maybe it's just us crime reporters ... ? 

Anyhow, now you can look that stuff up online under a new partnership the Philadelphia Police Department has with, in which the cops will publish preliminary crime statistics using Google-based mapping and analytics. Users will be able to search six months worth of "Part I" data - that's the serious stuff, like murder, assault, rape, robbery and property crimes like burglary and theft - based on address, crime and date. (Part II crimes are things like forgery, curfew offenses, disorderly conduct, vandalism and prostitution; the FBI makes the distinction in their Uniform Crime Reports.)

“Helping our communities stay informed is a necessary part of our crime prevention strategy,” Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said.

Users can access the data through or directly through CrimeReports also offers a free iPhone app.