Naked man climbs on the front of SEPTA bus

A most unusual SEPTA rider.

One naked and testy man pulled a ballsy move by climbing on the front of a SEPTA bus in broad daylight, putting his boxers on his head and then chasing down the man who filmed his moonlighting misadventure.

A video posted to Facebook on Jan. 20 begins with the middle-aged man standing completely nude atop the bike rack on the front of a Route 3 SEPTA bus. He then puts his boxer shorts on his head, climbs down and calmly walks away - that is, until he sees the man filming his exploits.

The streaker then begins chasing the videographer down the street before giving up and walking away. At one point, he appears to try to put his boxers back on, but it doesn't happen for him.

My favorite part is the guy in the green jacket at the 1:14 mark who doesn't even bat an eye. Just another day in Philly, where we ride our buses on the outside and don't wear our clothes at all.

A SEPTA spokeswoman said she had heard of the video through Twitter, but had not yet seen it. She's looking in to details about the bizarre incident. City police are aware of the video, but a police spokeswoman said there have been no reports of the naked man.

One thing is for sure, there's a SEPTA bus driver out there who has the most interesting story ever about a weird streak on his window.

The not safe for work video contains graphic images, so watch it here at your own discretion. As of 4 p.m., it had been shared more than 2,000 times on Facebook.