Murder suspect captured

Highway Patrol Officers Dave Marcellino and Ivan Rosado took one look at the three occupants of a Cadillac in Kensington Wednesday and instantly knew something was amiss.
The veteran cops had pulled their car over at 8:30 p.m. at Kensington Avenue and Clearfield Street for something minor — not using a turn signal — but all three men were wide-eyed and shaking, said Highway Patrol Capt. Michael Cochrane.
Turns out they had good reason to be nervous. One of the passengers, Jerry Gans Jr., was wanted for murder, Cochrane said.
“When it started out, they were just stopping them for something simple,” Cochrane said of his two cops. “They ended up catching a murderer.”
Gans, 23, allegedly shot Edward Darnell Whitby, 33, several times at 20th Street and Susquehanna Avenue on Sept. 14, according to police records. Whitby died that same evening at Temple University Hospital.
Homicide detectives issued an arrest warrant for Gans on Oct. 15. He had been on probation for a drug conviction since Feb. 28, 2008, according to court records.
When Marcellino and Rosado stopped the black ‘04 Cadillac on Wednesday, neither Gans nor the other two occupants had identification on them.
Cochrane said the officers ordered all three men out of the car, and found a loaded .45-caliber Glock in Gans’ coat when they patted him down. Investigators later learned that the weapon was stolen.
Gans initially gave Marcellino and Rosado a fake name, but confessed his true identity when they told him he would be fingerprinted, Cochrane said.
Gans has a preliminary hearing scheduled next Wednesday on charges of murder, weapons violations and related offenses.