Man stabbed in Center City underground complex

Blood-soaked towels covered the floor of Hair Express in the concourse level of the Mellon Center complex today, after a customer's husband stumbled in to the salon after being stabbed six times in a public restroom around the corner shortly before 11 a.m.

Police have the man in custody who allegedly stabbed Ben Davis, 64, during a robbery at the underground complex, on Market Street near 7th near the Gallery mall. Davis, who was identified by salon employees, remains in critical condition at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Every other week, Ben Davis sits listening to the piano and drinking coffee in the concourse while his wife, Sandy, gets her hair done, stylist Ren'ee DeSanto said.

"He came around the corner staggering and bleeding from his head," DeSanto said. "He said he was robbed and that was it. He slumped down in this chair."

DeSanto said Davis' wife ran to his side while she called 911. Police said Davis was stabbed in his chest, neck and back.

A woman who works in the complex said despite the clean appearances of the restrooms where Davis was stabbed, they are plagued with drug use and sex. An operations manager said the restrooms would remain closed for the rest of the day.