Man stole disability check from disabled veteran


Lowlife of the year?

The thief who stole a young Philadelphia Marine veteran’s disability check for $44,399 and then opened a bank account in the Marine’s name, from which he withdrew half of it, qualifies nicely for that title.

Philadelphia police Thursday released a photo of a white man, about 40 years of age, 220 pounds and bald with a goatee, who opened an account in the 27-year-old Marine’s name, using a counterfeit drivers license, at the Bank of America in Bensalem, Bucks County.

The man deposited the disability check last December and then returned to withdraw more than $22,000 from the accountt over six days.

The disabled Marine notified the U.S. Treasury Department when the check never arrived, but the Treasury Department told him the check had been deposited in the Bensalem bank, police said.

Contact Det. Parkinson with Central Detectives at 215-686-3093 or 3094.