Man pointing laser beam at police chopper arrested

Police arrested an Olney man after he allegedly pointed a laser light at a police helicopter overhead last night, interfering with the officers' search of a wooded area.

Luis Martinez, 20, of Montour Street near Garland, was charged with aggravated assault, possessing  an instrument of crime and related offenses. He also could face federal charges.

Martinez was sitting on a porch on Montour Street just after 9:15 p.m., when he allegedly repeatedly aimed a green laser light at a police helicopter hovering over the woods at Whitaker and Ruscomb, police said. Such activity is illegal because it interferes with flight instruments and officers' vision. When officers in the air couldn't elude the laser beam, they spotlighted the porch where it was coming from, saw two men there and alerted police dispatchers, who sent patrol officers to arrest the offenders, police said. Officers recovered the laser pointer from Martinez and arrested him, police said. Police didn't release details on what prompted the helicopter search.