Man expected to be charged as juvenile for sexual assault of child

In 2007, Christopher Martin Jr., then 15, was accused of sexually assaulting a boy he was babysitting in Philadelphia.  

Over the next five years, Martin not only became a man, he became a fugitive, according to police.

However, a fight at Martin's home in Williamsport Thursday led police to run a background check on him and they discovered he was wanted on a felony rape warrant out of Philadelphia, according to an article in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Now, he's waiting to come back to Philly to face the allegations against him, including that he repeatedly abused the boy, whom he babysat while the child's parents were working. There are even allegations that Martin refused to feed the victim when the child would not comply with his demands.

According to the story from Williamsport, Martin is expected to be charged as a juvenile because he was a juvenile when the alleged incidents occurred.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I can see the logic and the law, but it also seems to me that Martin had five years to surrender and he made a conscious decision - even once he hit adulthood - not to turn himself in. Should that factor in to whether he's charged as an adult or a child?

What are your thoughts?