Man bought weapons for criminals, sentenced to prison

A 24-year-old Philadelphia man was sentenced to prison Monday for buying four handguns and an AK-47 he illegally gave to criminals - who could otherwise not purchase the weapons for themselves.

The practice, known as “straw purchasing,” left Christian Hall, 24, facing between two and five years in prison and two years probation, officials in the District Attorney’s office announced.

Christian Hall 1
Christian Hall, 24, faces between two and five years in prison for buying handguns that he illegally gave to criminals, officials in the District Attorney's office announced Monday.

“The bloodshed that could result from these weapons is unknown at this point,” said Judge Ellen Ceisler, “This kind of crime will not be tolerated.”  

Hall, who was arrested in late March, admitted to falsely identifying himself as the owner of each weapon when he filled out applications for the firearms, officials said.

He was charged with tampering with public records, unsworn falsification to authorities and conspiracy, among other offenses.   

Hall bought a .40 caliber pistol and a .357 caliber handgun from a Philadelphia gun shop in April of 2011.

Police recovered the pistol from the scene of a shooting in Frankford on February 22, 2012.
The other four weapons — including the AK-47 — have yet to be recovered, authorities said.