Man arrested after drunken shooting rampage

A 41-year-old man was arrested Friday night on seven charges of aggravated assault and weapons violations after a drunken rampage inside a West Philadelphia apartment, police said.

About 10:30 p.m., Stanley Jones - a security guard who has a permit to carry a gun - arrived at his apartment building on 51st Street near Locust and saw his 26-year-old girlfriend standing outside.

Police said Jones was drunk, and suspected that his girlfriend was waiting outside to meet another man.

The couple started arguing outside, and took the fight to the bedroom of their third-floor apartment, police said.

Eventually, Jones pulled his gun from his holster and his girlfriend told police she thought he was going to put it in the closet.

Instead, he pointed the gun at her.

Jones said, “You think I’m stupid, I know what’s going on,” said Lt. John Walker of the Southwest Detective Division.

The woman pleaded with him and told him there were children on the other side of the door. Two of the woman’s friends - and her friends’ three children - were inside the apartment at the time.  

Jones fired a shot at the door and the woman begged him to stop, Walker said. He fired a second shot at the door, then slipped on a pile of clothes and fell to the floor.

The woman jumped on top of Jones and tried to wrestle the gun away. During the scuffle, a third shot was fired through the floor and into the bedroom of an apartment on the second floor.

The bullet missed a 24-year-old woman who was lying in bed by about five feet. Two children, ages 1 and 8, were also in the second-floor apartment at the time, Walker said.

Police arrived on the scene and found crying children and their parents outside. They told cops that Jones was inside and was armed with a gun, Walker said. Police rushed into the building and found Jones inside the apartment.

“They see Mr. Jones standing there with the gun in his right hand, they’re able to disarm him and bring him into custody,” Walker said.

Jones put up a fight and was tazed twice until he could be subdued, Walker said.

He was being treated at Mercy Hospital early Saturday morning, and is awaiting arraignment.