Lawndale pawnshop raided in theft investigation

Philadelphia and Abington police raided a Lawndale pawnshop Friday morning after an investigation found that burglars had allegedly fenced stolen goods there.

Police raided Lawndale Coins and Collectibles on Rising Sun Avenue near Levick Street and retained search warrants for the owner's home in Rockledge, Montgomery County, where they recovered loads of jewelry, jewelry boxes, coins and other items suspected of being stolen property.

The raid stemmed from the arrests of two Northeast Philadelphia men, William Perkins, 62, of Langdon Street near Napfle Avenue, and John Daniel Wilson, 46, of Kingfield Road near Pocasset. Both were charged in October with burglarizing multiple homes in Abington, Cheltenham and Philadelphia.

The owner of the Lawndale pawnshop has not been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

"We will continue to investigate to see who else may have been selling him property and that will determine if there are more arrests," said Abington Police Deputy Chief John Livingood.

Photos of the stolen property will be posted on the Abington police department's website for crime victims to identify.