Instead of expected release, prisoner is charged with jailhouse murder

John Kasianczuk, 33, of Levittown, allegedly beat a new inmate.

John Kasianczuk thought he was walking out of the State Correctional Institution at Graterford this weekend after serving almost three years on a robbery charge.

But instead of walking free, Kasianczuk was arrested all over again - this time for killing a fellow inmate while behind bars, according to prosecutors.

Kasianczuk, 33, of Levittown, allegedly beat a new inmate on the block, Roberto Avalle, on Aug. 22 as the two were in an outdoor recreation cage, court documents said. The entire incident was caught on video surveillance. After knocking Avalle to the ground, Kasianczuk allegedly stomped on his head and caused him to lose consciousness, police said.

Prosecutors said there was no real known reason for the severe beating, but court documents show that a correctional officer heard Kasianczuk tell Avalle "'my mom is black, you need to apologize to the rest of these guys.'"

Avalle, who had been sent to Graterford to serve a 2-to-5 year sentence, remained unconscious until his death on Oct. 09, according to court documents. Following lengthy testing, a coroner ruled Avalle's death a homicide on April 12 and Kasianczuk was arrested on murder charges Saturday as he was preparing to leave the prison, according to prosecutors.

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