In City of Brotherly Love, man named My Love arrested

My Love is like a red, red rose, or like an alleged defiant trespasser.

In a city that's not only named for love, but that also has a sculpture memorializing the word and a tourist marketing campaign that banks on it, there is one person who takes love to a whole 'nother level.

That person is named My Love and My Love was arrested for defiant trespass today, according to court records.

Very little is known about My Love. According to police, My Love is a man and according to court records, he's 47 years old and was born on New Year's Day.

Funny, I always pictured My Love to be younger.

My Love was at the Philadelphia International Airport around 4 a.m. today when he trespassed into a secure area, according to police. When questioned by Transportation Security Administration officers, My Love allegedly refused to provide answers.

My Love was arrested for defiant trespass (love knows no bounds), was arraigned this morning and was released on signature bail, for as everyone knows, My Love's word is worth more than a thousand gold pieces.

He has no other criminal history in Philadelphia and no aliases listed on court documents.

Using our online records search, which is usually spot on, I found that My Love lives on Good Hope Drive in Philadelphia with someone named, and I kid you not, Buddy Holly. Unfortunately, there is no Good Hope Drive in Philadelphia, so either the records are wrong or My Love has been giving out the wrong address.

My Love's arrest was first reported today by Philly Rap Sheet, which is a cool blog you should check out.