Hunt is on for robber who stole $700K

"Ruh-roh" might be the operative phrase in Jeffrey Prout's life right now.

The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Prout yesterday in connection with the robbery of a Dunbar armored-car guard in South Philadelphia Friday morning. Prout, 20, of North Philadelphia, forced the guard to the ground at gunpoint inside a check cashing shop at Oregon Avenue and Randolph Street, the FBI said.


Prout made off with the delivery the guard was about to make -- all $700,000 of it. Prout's cohort, Harry Jackson, 24, was arrested over the weekend. Dunbar has issued a $40,000 reward for info that leads to Prout's arrest and the recovery of the missing money, and the FBI has started to circulate his mugshot across the city.

Tick-tock, Jeffrey, tick-tock.