Have you seen this shackled fugitive?

This one will leave you reaching for the Advil.

Taariq Ali is a 43-year-old inmate who was sentenced to life in prison in Delaware back in 1995 for attempted murder. He was sent out to a prison in California to serve a portion of his sentence as part of a cost-saving, inmate sharing program called the Interstate Corrections Compact.


On Friday, Taariq was on his way back to Delaware to serve out the rest of his sentence. He got off a flight at Philly International just before midnight with an escort guard from Prisoner Transport Services of America (PTSA). Taariq's wrists were handcuffed to his waist. This, of course, is where it got tricky.

John Painter, a spokesman for the Delaware State Department of Corrections, said Ali -- shackles an' all -- managed to run away from his escort guard. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, he just kept runnin' and runnin' and runnin'. PTSA inexplicably didn't notify Delaware corrections officials about the escape until Sunday. Taariq remains on the loose, and the US Marshals and Philadelphia Police Department have now joined the chase.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for more.