Guys who broke into off-duty cop's house in Andorra have long rap sheets

From the Daily News’ file of dumb criminals and things that make you go “What the … ?” the two guys who allegedly broke into an off-duty Warminster cop’s house in Philly’s Andorra neighborhood early Monday morning – one of whom was shot dead by the officer in an upstairs bedroom – had long rap sheets and were in and out of jail and on and off probation for more than the last decade, court records show.

Timothy Zgrzepski, 28, the luckier of the two, who cops said fled the scene of the burglary in the police officer’s Honda Odyssey (which had Fraternal Order of Police tags, by the way) was later arrested by police in Springfield Township, Montgomery County. Records show that Zgrzepski, who started getting arrested before 2000, pleaded guilty to a 2008 burglary in 2010 and was sentenced to three to six years in jail, plus four years’ probation.

By simple math, looks like Zgrzepski got credit for time served. He hasn’t yet been charged in Monday morning’s burglary.

Zgrzepski’s alleged accomplice who was shot dead in a bedroom by the cop whose house the pair broke into, identified by police later Monday as 39-year-old Edward Mehlberger, also has a slew of arrests shown in court records. Like Zgrzepski, he pled guilty to burglary in the recent past, and was sentenced in 2009 to one-and-a-half to three years’ jail time for that crime. It’s unclear how much of that sentence he served.

Philly homicide detectives are investigating, but Pennsylvania law protects the cop's actions, so he's not likely to be charged.