Gunman shot by cops after NE home invasion

As far as criminal masterminds go, James Henry probably falls a bit short, cops say.
Henry, 32, was armed and high Sunday night when he shot a young man during a botched home invasion in Northeast Philadelphia, stole a police cruiser and then was shot in the leg by police, said Lt. Michael Gormley, of Northeast Detectives.
The madcap chain of events started about 5 p.m., when Henry and another man — who police say was also high and carrying a firearm — forced their way into a home on Hellerman Street near Charles.
They allegedly demanded money from the 20-year-old man who was inside, while his girlfriend hid and dialed 9-1-1. When the victim produced only $20, Henry’s accomplice slugged the young man and somehow dropped his revolver, Gormley said.
The frustrated robber allegedly ordered Henry to shoot the young man. But Henry, who was carrying a shotgun, demurred and insisted that they just stab him, Gormley said.
With that, Henry’s partner stormed out of the house, muttering, “This isn’t worth it!” He was still on the loose last night.
During an ensuing struggle, Henry’s shotgun fired once, striking the young man in the leg. Henry then dashed out of the house and hid under a car.
Police arrived seconds later, and the victim and his girlfriend identified Henry — who was still hunkered under a car — as the shooter. Then things got even crazier.
Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman, said Henry “danced around the officers,” jumped into their cruiser and sped off.
He crashed the cop car on nearby Levick Street and jumped out. Henry was wounded in the leg during a brief foot chase with police.
Henry, who has 16 prior arrests on charges that include weapons violations, burglary and car theft, was in stable condition at Frankford Hospital - Torresdale.  Gormley said investigators had been told that Henry “had a lot of drugs in his system.”
The victim of the robbery, meanwhile, was treated at Temple University Hospital and released.

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