Detective shoots at gun-toting teen in S. Philly

This grey sedan was damaged when detectives from the Police Department and the Attorney General's Office crashed into it as they were chasing a gun-toting teen in South Philly. (Vinny Vella / Daily News)

A 16-year-old boy picked the wrong street to go for a walk with his rifle today.

The teen was carrying a pump-action rifle on Corlies Street near Tasker in South Philadelphia about 4 p.m. when he was spotted by two detectivesone from the Attorney General's Office, the other from the Police Department who happened to be serving a warrant on an unrelated home in the area, Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

The police detective told the teen to drop his weapon. He didn't, instead pointing the gun at the two law enforcement officers. In response, the police detective discharged his sidearm at the teen, firing three times.

The teen dropped his rifle and fled on foot, uninjured. As the detectives gave chase, they crashed into a uninvolved grey sedan as it traveled down Tasker Street toward 31st Street. No one was injured in the collision, which caused significant damage to the sedan, but the teen escaped amid the chaos.

He was, however, taken into police custody about 30 minutes later after officers combed the area around the scene. His identity is not being released at this time, but he is believed to live near where the incident occurred, Small said.

Police are investigating the case. The detectives involved are being interviewed by Internal Affairs, per police protocol.