'Damn stupid' thug robbed 100-year-old man

So, who’s the tough guy who beat up and robbed a defenseless 100-year-old man?
That’s the question on the lips of outraged cops and Southwest Philadelphia residents who are still simmering over the savage beat-down that was leveled on unsuspecting Joseph Dimarco in Elmwood last Friday.
Dimarco, fresh after a stroll to pick up some groceries, was walking towards the door of his rowhouse, on Grovers Avenue near 68th Street, at about 4 p.m., when a cold-blooded creep attacked him from behind.
The fiend “puts the victim in a choke hold from behind, throws him to the ground, and takes his groceries and about $30,” said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.
“Even though he had clearly gotten the better of a much older man, [the suspect]continued to beat his head for no reason,” Walker said.
The crook, whom Dimarco described as a black man in his 30s, fled on foot through nearby Paschall Park, Walker added.
Investigators have not found any eyewitnesses to the attack.
Dimarco spent five days at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital, where doctors treated him for bleeding on the brain, Walker said.
Remarkably, the centenarian’s condition improved enough for him to be released from the hospital.
“We were a little concerned about the blood on the brain, but it appears he’s going to be able to overcome it,” Walker said.
Many of Dimarco’s neighbors on Grovers Avenue said earlier tonight that they had just learned of the brutal attack.
“It’s a shame. I mean, that’s a terrible thing to happen to anybody, let alone a 100-year-old man,” said resident Darris Ramsey.
Ramsey said most of the people on Grovers, a long, quiet block lined with green lawns, stay indoors and keep to themselves.
Moustapha Doucoure, Dimarco’s next-door neighbor, described Dimarco as a pleasant man who regularly walks through the neighborhood and chats up others.
Doucoure said he was saddened when he learned how brutally Dimarco had been attacked. He had two words to describe the gutless thief: “Damn stupid.”
Another neighbor, meanwhile, suggested the robber “should be shot, and thrown in jail.”
Despite the emotional reactions, Walker said investigators have not found any witnesses to the attack.
Tipsters can contact detectives at 215-686-3083 or -3084.