DN readers help cops nab alleged perv


A career criminal who has a fondness for flashing his privates in public is once again behind bars — thanks, in part, to vigilant Daily News readers.
John Cannizzaro, 49, was arrested by U.S. marshals about 4 p.m. today in East Frankford, authorities said.
He had been sought by marshals and Philadelphia police for exposing himself to four 12-year-old girls in South Philly on May 12, said Jim Burke, supervisor of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force.
Cannizzaro was also wanted for dodging meetings with his state parole agent, Burke said. He had been on parole since 2007, after serving four years of a sentence for indecent exposure.
“To give you an idea of the person we’re dealing with, out of the last 11 years, he’s spent nine years in state prison,” Burke said.
Detectives were anxious to get Cannizzaro off the streets because they feared he would strike again after he allegedly exposed himself on May 12.
“You hear about incidents like this, and you have to assume he’ll escalate into something much worse,” Burke said.
Turns out the authorities weren’t the only ones who wanted to see Cannizzaro behind bars.
Daily News readers flooded investigators with information on Cannizzaro after his photo ran in a “Week’s Most Wanted” column in the Aug. 31 edition of the People Paper.
“They contributed numerous tips which helped lead to his apprehension,” Burke noted.
Cannizzaro, whose last known address was on 4th Street near Snyder Avenue, was found on Haworth Street near Frankford Avenue. “He was staying with a man who is also on parole for a sexual offense,” Burke said.