D.A. clears cop involved in shooting of Goode's nephew

Anthony Avery, a Philadelphia police officer who three years ago fatally shot Timothy Goode during a foot chase in Germantown, was cleared today of any possible criminal wrong doing by District Attorney Seth Williams.

Williams "thoroughly reviewed the available information pertaining" to the Jan. 11, 2008 shooting and determined that criminal charges shouldn't be filed against Avery, said Tasha Jamerson, Williams' spokeswoman.

Police said previously that Goode, the grandnephew of former Mayor Wilson Goode Sr., was involved in a drug deal that was being observed by undercover narcotics cops the night he was shot and killed. Avery and other officers ended up chasing Goode down a street. Police officials said Avery opened fire because Goode turned and pointed a 9 mm handgun in their direction.

Goode's family said he was shot in the back, and has spent much of the last three years publicly criticizing the Police Department and calling for Avery to be arrested. His family has also filed a civil lawsuit again the city and the department.