D.A.: Kitten drugged with heroin, saved with Narcan

A depraved and demented heroin addict allegedly tried to strangle a kitten, slammed its face into the pavement and drugged it with heroin before spray painting the words "SLAM IT YOU PU$$Y" onto a roadway in West Whiteland Township Sunday, according to the Chester County District Attorney's Office.

Around 4:40 a.m., a West Whiteland officer on patrol along Dunwoody Drive near Phoenixville Pike saw James Myers' car parked in the middle of the roadway with his driver's door open and a small black kitten just outside of the vehicle, prosecutors said.

When the officer approached the car, he saw the kitten had a rope tied tightly around its neck, was bleeding from the face and had several of its teeth knocked out, police said. At the same time, the cop also noted the offensive spray painting on the roadway, according to court documents.

During a search of Myers' vehicle, police said they found 22 bags of heroin, hundreds of used heroin bags and 46 hypodermic needle, according to court documents. 

The kitten was transported to the Hope Veterinary Clinic in Malvern, where a vet determined the cat had been given heroin. The veterinarian then gave the cat Narcan, which is typically given to humans who overdose on heroin, and the feline was fully revived, police said.

The tough, little survivor has been named “Hope” by the staff at the clinic and is estimated to be about eight weeks old, said Amy Shields, director of marketing for Hope Veterinary Specialists.

It remains to be seen if there is any hope for Myers.  

Shields said Hope the kitten was purring within 24 hours of his visit and is no longer on any intravenous fluids.

It’s not unusual for vets’ offices to keep the drug naloxone, which is trademarked as Narcan, in stock to counteract bad reactions to other opioids that patients may be administered, Shields said.

Hope is expected to make a full recovery and when he does, he will be fostered through the Chester County SPCA until he can be placed with a permanent family, Shields said.

“That was a lot to go through for the poor, little guy,” she said. “But looking at him now, he looks like a normal kitten.”

Myers, 24, of Mary Jane Lane near Anderson Avenue in West Chester, was charged with drug possession, animal cruelty and related offenses.

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