Court documents: Alleged killer was paranoid his brother was hacking his computer

Joseph McAndrew Jr. may have been paranoid that his tech-savvy twin brother, James, was hacking in to his computer and he was upset over a recent breakup of an online relationship he had with a girl from Argentina, according to court documents.

This week, police filed a search warrant for Joseph McAndrew Jr.'s computer and paperwork found in the family home that may detail his mental condition.

McAndrew, 23, allegedly killed his father, Joseph Sr., his mother, Susan and his twin brother with a sword Saturday night in the family's Gulph Mills home.

James McAndrew's friends said his brother suffered from schizophrenia and that he was studying his condition in order to better understand it. In the search warrant, police say that a family friend said that Joseph Jr. believed his brother was hacking in to his computer and that to protect his online activity, Joseph Jr. ordered Verizon Internet service, even though the rest of his family used Comcast.

Another friend police spoke with said that Joseph Jr. had become increasingly paranoid and that he was distraught over the break up of an online relationship he had with a girl in Argentina, according to court documents.

Family members of the McAndrews who were going through the house after the killings found an envelope with "Medco/Medicare" and "2011 evidence of drug plan for Joe-Joe" written on it. They turned it over to police and the contents of that envelope are one of the subjects for the search warrant. Police also found a book titled "Dealing with Schizophrenia" that someone told them James was reading, according to the search warrant.

Court documents also suggest that Joseph Jr. may have been trying to leave the scene when police arrived. According to the search warrant, he had his keys to his car with him when police found him in the driveway and the doors to the house were locked.