Cops seize crystal meth, 26 guns in Port Richmond

It all started with a simple arrest.

Narcotics cops stopped Deborah Flemming, 53, in Port Richmond on Sunday, only to find that she was carrying some crystal methamphetamine, police said. She was arrested, and investigators quickly turned their attention to the place where she had allegedly just purchased the crystal meth: A rowhouse on Salmon Street near Clearfield.


Cops served a search warrant on the property about 6:20 p.m., and found about $17,000 worth of crystal meth, as well as a small amount of marijuana, said Narcotics Capt. Debra Frazier. During a search of a shed behind the house, police found nine pistols and 17 shotguns and rifles, including one rifle that was "homemade," Frazier said.

Police arrested John Connell, 39, who lived in the rowhouse, and Fern Goldberg, 50, police said.

"All of those weapons have no other purpose than to kill, maim or destroy," Frazier said. "This started out as a simple narcotics job and grew into something bigger."