Cops issue warrant for tow truck shooter

Philadelphia police have issued an arrest warrant for Jose LaTorre, who allegedly shot a driver from a rival tow truck company during a dispute in Feltonville on Monday.

LaTorre, 40, lives on Vandike Street near Cheltenham Avenue. Anyone who has information on his whereabouts can contact East Detectives at 215-686-3243 or -3244.


Here's a look back at how the bizarre tale unfolded, per ace DN reporter Stephanie Farr:

A TOW-TRUCK operator shot a competing driver in the leg yesterday, after the two went tow-to-tow at a Feltonville accident scene, police said.

An accident between a Dodge Neon and a GMC Yukon at Whitaker and Hunting Park avenues shortly after 10 a.m. brought at least two tow-truck operators to the scene before police arrived.

The 45-year-old son of the owner of J & Son's Auto Body arrived on the scene first, not in a tow truck, but in a Cadillac Escalade, trying to stake claim to the scene until one of the company's tow trucks could arrive, a police source said.

Another source familiar with the case identified that man as Jose LaTorre Jr.

While LaTorre was waiting for his tow truck to show up, a 36-year-old employee of Mystical Complete Auto Service arrived in a tow truck first and an argument ensued, police said.

"The doer was like, 'Yo, I was here first,' " the police source said. "But the victim said, 'You don't have a tow truck, and I'm here.' "

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