Cops seek help in arson of spaceship, or rather, truck

Cops say this is a photo of a pickup truck.

Bensalem police are asking the public's help to identify this spaceship.

Actually, no, it's not a spaceship. It just looks like one because the security camera footage is so lousy. Consider this post our periodic plea to those who invest in surveillance systems to buy a better system. You get what you pay for! If your camera catches images that look like underwater sea life seen without swim goggles, then you might as well stick your toddler outside to watch for the bad guys, for all the good that camera does.

Still, if this photo makes any sense to you, call the Bensalem police. They say this spaceship, or rather, pickup truck, was set ablaze on Mildred Avenue near Kings Lane just after 4 a.m. on April 4. Sharp-eyed investigators deduced that the truck, seen visiting the Rita's Water Ice on Route 13 at Biddle Lane just before the fire, is likely a late-model, dark-colored, raised, four-wheel-drive Ford F-series pickup truck with an extended cab and chrome wheels or hub caps and factory-installed cab lights and side-marker lights in the front doors' side mirrors.

Anyone who can help cops crack this unsolved arson can get a $1,000 reward. Tipsters, call (215) 633-3664 or -3660.