Cops seek help finding funeral filchers

Talk about stealing from the dead!

Two brazen thieves stole white wrought-iron patio furniture from the porch of the Hoffman Funeral Home at Hulmeville Road and Brown Avenue in Bensalem on June 1, carrying several heavy chairs and a loveseat to a pickup truck as nonchalantly as if they were legitimate movers. The theft occurred at 4:30 p.m., during normal business hours when the home was open for business.

Authorities believe the thieves stole the seating to sell as scrap for cash.

"Bensalem Township (and) many other municipalities in the area are inundated with recent thefts of metal, which is sold for pennies on the dollar as scrap metal," said Pat Ponticelli, the township's deputy director of public safety.

The thieves were driving a two-tone Ford Pickup F-150 truck. The funeral home's surveillance cameras caught the whole episode. Anyone who recognizes the thieves should contact Bensalem Sgt. David Richardson at (215) 633-3745.