Cops pluck up alleged flower thief

Danielle Dimeo wasn't content to stop and smell the roses, she had to go and steal them, police said.

Dimeo, 44, was arrested last weekend for stealing fake flowers that were tied down with barbed wire in front of Ronald Addes house on 10th Street near Jackson in South Philadelphia around 2 a.m. March 21st.

flower thief
Daneille Dimeo (Philadelphia Police photo)

Police said an anonymous tipster identified Dimeo as the culprit but that wasn't until May 25, nearly two months after surveillance video of the theft was released.

Authorities had no indication of a motive for the bizarre theft.

"She likes flowers?" a police spokesman said.

Back in March, Addes, a phlebotomist, told the Daily News that his fake flowers had been stolen at least once a year over the last seven years. This spring, 14 of his fake flowers were taken, he said.

Dimeo, of 29th Street near Mifflin, was arrested Saturday and charged with theft and related offenses.